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Among lessons Bill Belichick learned from his dad: Team is bigger than

Among lessons Bill Belichick learned from his dad: Team is bigger than

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick-hit thoughts A.J. Green Womens Jersey and notes around the New England Patriots and NFL: 1a. Here's wishing everyone Andrew Billings Womens Jersey a Happy Father's Day, while leading off with five Patriots sharing some of the biggest lessons they learned from their dad: Trey Flowers (on Robert): "He's definitely the wisest man I know. He always showed how much he loved his kids and Anthony Munoz Authentic Jersey also how much he expected out of them. Any time you see me today, doing any extra work to learn my craft, that's what I learned from him. He owned a construction company. I've been on construction sites since I was 6, and he'd tell us how if anyone told him to do anything he'd always try to do a little bit more. That got me used to hard work." James White (on Tyrone): "My dad's Brandon Thompson Womens Jersey a police officer, and I'd hear the stories -- the good, bad and ugly. He taught me and my brother a lot growing up, mainly about hanging around the right people and trying to do the right things. He's still always checking in on me, keeping me level-headed and motivated." Rob Ninkovich (on Mike): "He's retired now, but he Cedric Ogbuehi Youth Jersey was an iron worker in Chicago. He worked seven days a week, and as I grew up and became a man that's something I came to respect even more about him. It's not easy to do that -- seven days a week, year-round. If you don't work, you don't get paid, and that's how his mentality was. He was always doing what he had to do for our family, and on top of that, he's like my best friend." D.J. Foster (on Darryll): "Dedication. He put me in the position to be very involved with sports growing up. Sometimes I didn't want to play. Sometimes I didn't like it. Being a young kid and very intense, the AAU, all the travel football and baseball, he would Darqueze Dennard Youth Jersey always talk about how when you start something, you finish it. When you're a part of the team, you don't give up on the team. I definitely appreciate that life lesso

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